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Hyra:6400 kr/mån
Yta:20 m²
Hyrdes ut:2018-03-07

Please read following carefully. Only 1 fully furnitured room (with blankets, pillows etc for the bedextra bed for guests) is rented out 18 kvm in a bigger flat, Not the entire apartment You have the room in a shared bathroom, kitchen of a bigger apartment with a smaller easygoing child family, Suitable for 1 person, preferable organised and used to live from home , responsible to take care of its own stuff shared ones and respect of neigbours and flatemates. Central inner city location closed to Odenplan/Sankt Eriksplan near subway and bus stops. Great communications / walking distance to KTH, SSE, Stockholm university, Karolinska Institutet, T-centralen and Old town. WE are looking for a responsible, not too loud, that understand the importance of following the building and neighbour rules, know what require to live in a good area of town. Guy or girl that need somewhere centrally to stay and know what requires. International students or professionals are very welcome. No drama or judgy people please. No shoes insides, Non smoking, No pets, Preferable vegetarian, No late partying, or no screaming/high noices/ high music or talking in phone after 10 pm (have to be quiet for all in the building) or no other disturbing of the neighbours. Note do not have WIFI . Please require that you clean up after yourself in your parts of the apartment or buy it by some clean firm. Closed doors are respected but if you do not want to have none contact with the host small family (that are on alot of activities and are not much home) at all this room is not for you. WE want this to be a good and quiet place to stay for everyone that lives here. Rent of the room: 6200 SEK/m. Rent is paid in advance for the next month no later than the 25th every month. Please be aware that you will pay a deposit of 2 months rent as insurance that Youll get it back if the contract is followed (the rent including normal use of heating, water, electricity, access to kitchen (use of all pots, kitchen machines, plates etc) , bathroom (if needed get towels from us), bicycle room , garbage room and laundry room. AVAIABLE From is negotiated, preferable from 1st of December, 2017 until at least 6 month period (we do not want people just move in and out for short period since the family have child). (but not with beginning from example late as 3 month from now) . May show the room in Tuesday 28 or Wednesday 29 this week for the one that is most interested of the room. Please contact us if youre genuine interested to rent this room in Stockholm city, during the period mentioned above, include contact information and what you are looking for when replying.

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